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Knives are one of the most important tools in any kitchen.


We are not going to present you with dozens of brands here, it just not necessary.

Just like in the rest of our store, we have done our research and selected the best-in-class for each category. We have a perfect selection of the finest tools from Germany, Japan & the USA. The knives from Thailand are also selected because they are just an amazing value.


We do not believe in large knife block sets, you will never use the majority of those knives and a large block takes up too much counter space. The main knives you will need are: a Chef's, Paring and a Utility knife. (You will see this bundle of knives referred to in our store as an “Essential Set”). It's better to have excellent quality on those three knives than waste money on a large set. Of course we are happy to order anything you wish so if you do want a block set just let us know.