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Damascus Superior

Boker Germany

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Our Note: This is obviously not your everyday, normal knife. It is a one-of-a-kind, completely hand-made heirloom. This is an ideal gift for a culinary school graduate (we actually heard of one school that ordered 12 of these for their graduating class!) or a very special wedding. Since these take a very long time to individually make, supply can vary. There may be one in the US or we may have to order it from Germany. So please contact us and we can let you know the situation at the time of your interest.

WORLD PREMIER AT BOKER: EXCLUSIVE KITCHEN KNIVES MADE OF HAND-FORGED TORSION DAMASCUS.  We asked ourselves how the knife of all knives could be made.  Which materials and techniques could be used?  Then we found the answer, and developed a world premier.

For the Boker Damascus Superior series we use, for the first time, a four strand Torsion Damascus with a separately forged Damascus cutting edge, which is done by German Damascus forger Andreas Henrichs with fascinating precision, exclusively for Boker.  In an extremely elaborate process, single Damascus layers are forged by hand to a massive square Damascus bar.  This square bar is twisted 15 times, which creates the unique pattern of Torsion Damascus.  Four of those strands, and a fifth non-twisted Damascus strand are forge-welded into the final shape.

The result is a blade blank with extraordinary structure, unbelievable stability, and the basis for excellent cutting ability.  In the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, the blade blank will then be processed by hand in more than 150 steps to the complete knife.

HISTORIC ART OF DAMASCUS FORGING:  This method of forging Damascus was used in the Middle Ages to forge extremely high class sword blades for the gentry.  Swords made of Torsion Damascus were extremely rare and sought after, so much so that the Vikings raided parts of Europe to obtain such swords.

ELEGANT HANDLE WITH DAMASCUS DETAILS:  For the handles, we use African Grenadill hardwood.  Grenadill wood offers a beautiful grain, which is a perfect addition to the intricate blade, and provides an excellent balance to the knife.  Due to its high content of oil, it is highly moisture resistant.

The impressive wooden handle is framed by two Damascus bolsters and a Damascus end cap, both made of stainless powder metallurgical Damascus with 300 layers.  The handle pieces are individually hand-fitted to each blade, providing balance and beauty.

Each of these works of art boasts an individual serial number, making it possible to track the entire production process in the Boker Manufactory.  The knife will be delivered in an exclusive wooden presentation case and includes a certificate of authenticity and owner‘s manual.

Experience a knife which, when forged in this exclusive manner, is like no other.




8.5 Inch Chef's Knife


6 Inch Utility Knife