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Demeyere Atlantis Collection

Demeyere (Belgium)

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For the straight models from the Atlantis range (casseroles/saucepots, saucepans, stockpots) Demeyere always uses insulating stainless steel sides and tight-fitting lids, combined with a heat conducting 7-ply base: InductoSeal.

The so-called ‘InductoSeal’ base has a thick copper intermediate layer and a capsule that is hermetically welded to the side of the pan, ensuring ideal heat distribution. Furthermore, InductoSeal has a heat conducting area that is up to 33 % larger than a ‘traditional’ base and it is safer and more hygienic.

The conic sauté pans and simmering pots from the Atlantis range are made from 7-Ply Material, a unique technology using stainless steel and an aluminum core that is used both in the base and sides of the products, to ensure optimal heat distribution throughout the entire area, right up to the edge.

  • InductoSeal®: super conductive base
    • 7-PlyMaterial®: multilayer material to the edge
    • TriplInduc®: more efficiency on induction
    • Silvinox®: hygienic and easy to clean
    • Cast stainless steel handles

    The matt burnished range Atlantis is made with Silvinox, a unique system of electrochemical surface treatment that was developed approximately 40 years ago in the Demeyere laboratory. Silvinox enriches the material by removing iron and impurities from the surface and guarantees that the stainless steel remains silvery white, even after many years of use. This also makes it very easy to clean and there are no problems with fingerprints that are normally hard to remove.

    Cast handles
    Because they are shaped from “cast” 18/10 stainless steel, the handles of the Atlantis range remain relatively cool on electric stoves. They have been developed to minimize heat conduction and to hold easily (50°C/120°F). Be careful near gas cookers ... flames that reach up from the base along the sides of the pan can heat the handles. The handles are welded on to the pan and cast from ‘full’ stainless steel which makes them even more hygienic. No water is retained in the handles after washing up.

    Perfect pouring edge
    All products from the Atlantis range have a specially designed pouring lip that stops any liquids from spilling while pouring. To guarantee a perfect pouring lip, the side of the pan is moulded into a special shape. The pouring lip on Demeyere pans is so good that any type of liquid can be poured without spilling.

    Our Note: This is extraordinarily high-end professional cooking gear. We highly recommend it.

    We are happy to assemble any set/combination that you desire, please just Contact Us.

    Demeyere Instructional Manual (PDF)


    9.5-inch Fry Pan


    12.5-inch Fry Pan w Helper Handle


    2.3 QT Saucepan w Lid


    5 QT Sauté Pan w Lid and Helper Handle << THE PERFECT PAN!


    5.5 QT Sauce Pot w Lid



    8.9 QT Sauce Pot w Lid