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Heavy-Duty Sheet Pans

Chicago Metallic

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      The "sheet pan" is one of the most important items you can purchase for your kitchen. You will use this on a daily basis. You can obviously bake on it, but you can also prepare many foods on it, baked chicken, etc.. You can also put it on the shelf below what you are cooking above to catch anything that may drip down.
      The difference between a sheet pan and a baking/cookie sheet is that these have the higher sides all around, which prevent any liquids from running off.
      We recommend lining them with aluminum foil when you use them to make clean up a breeze.
      The THREE-QUARTER size is the largest that will fit in a conventional oven.


      A quick and funny story, when we first contacted the parent company “Bundy” (100+ years old) they politely insisted that we wanted their products from USA Pan, their domestic products arm. They informed us that “this is what your customers want, it's what is sold in Target, BBB, etc..” since we sell to home chefs and not restaurants.


      After a little bit of back and forth over e-mail and the phone, we were finally able setup an account to get the GOOD STUFF! These pans are the best available in the world and will last you for many decades if not longer. This is an amazing product from a great company – there is nothing better.



      • Impact-Resistant 18-gauge Aluminum
      • Commercial quality for long-lasting performance, restaurant grade

      FULL 18 x 26 x 1" high [may not fit in a standard oven please measure!]
      THREE-QUARTER 16 x 22 x 1" high [This is probably the size you want, these are very hard to find!]
      HALF 13 x 18 x 1" high
      QUARTER 9 x 13 x 1" high
      EIGHTH 6 x 9 x 1" high



      Wear-Ever Heavy-Duty Sheet Pans