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MINERAL B ELEMENT Skillet Frypan 100% Natural Non-Stick Surface

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MINERAL B ELEMENT Carbon-Steel Skillet Frypan 100% Natural Non-Stick Surface - 8 to 14 inches

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Wait! It's just a pan!

Wrong. It's not...

This is the revolutionary 100% NATURAL coating non-stick skillet you've heard about!

PFOA and PTFE free so there are no harmful chemicals to get in your food.

Iron fry pan - 100% natural mineral material

Natural beeswax protection is baked into the pan in the patented manufacturing process (see video)
Riveted long iron handle
Great for all cook tops including induction
Reaches high temperatures: ideal for SEARING, BROWNING, GRILLING
The blacker it gets, the less it sticks


  Cooks Illustrated Recommended As recommended by Cooks Illustrated 2015

More instructions on how to season your pan can be found here.