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Company Profiles of our amazing manufacturers!

AMT Gastrogus Intro
Boker Knives Company Overview
de Buyer France Company Profile & History
Demeyere Intro
Dexter-Russell Chefs Knife Overview
Hammer-Stahl cookware
Hohenmoorer (Germany) Knife Maker Profile
The Messermeister Story
Victorinox A Story of swiss Inventivenness


Cooking Skills

Messermeister Andre Sickinger How to make Garlic paste


de Buyer Product Videos

Affinity Cookware Promo
F2K Manufacturing Process
Mineral b Element Skillet
Prima metera copper Cookware
Viper Mandoline Promo video


Demeyere Cookware How-To's

Frying in stainless steel pan
Making sauces
smoking with Demeyere


Knife Care & Sharpening

Andre Sickinger Sharpening
Dexter-Russell How to sharpen your knife
Ethan Hamme sharpening a knife with a wet stone
Honing your knife - Presented by ZWILLING J A HENCKELS
Stay sharp with Victorinox


Knife Skills

How to Dice an Onion
AHow to slice,Dice and Cube a Bell Pepper
J A HENCKELS -Basic Knife Skills


Sous Vide Cooking

What is Sous Video Cooking (Sansaire)


The French Cook with Julia Child (Playlist)

The French Cook with Julia Child (playlist)