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PRIMA MATERA Copper Cookware Collection

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  • Ideal saucepan for reduction cooking, for display and open kitchens.
  • Cookware made of 90% copper and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel:
  • 90% outer copper: excellent thermal conductivity for a perfect control of the cooking environment for exceptional cooking results.
  • 10% inner stainless steel: food grade; eliminates the need to re-tin copper; low proportion of stainless steel which does not alter the properties of copper.
  • Cold riveted handle in cast stainless steel with French-style curvature
  • High-end mirror polishing. Production code laser engraved on the base.
  • For all cooktops including induction.

We can assemble any set combination that you desire, just send us an e-mail.

COVERS INCLUDED on all sizes except Fry Pan.